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February 14, 1941: Honor Roll Goals


Seniors Lead Number on Dean's List

Dean J. W. Boltmott has released the official Dean's List for the first semester of the year. In order to be qualified for the Dean's List, a student must have on his academic record no grade lower than a "B". Twenty-two of the forty-two who made the list were seniors, eight were juniors, ten were sophomores, and two were freshmen.

Freshmen who appeared on the Dean's list were Maxine Ruchlen and Dean Stucky.

Sophomores were Anne Janet Alison, Leta Beckner, Jack Bowker, Flora Mae Brokus, Kathleen Burbaer, Wayne Crist, Edward Leonard, Eugene Lichty, Ruth Smith, and Mildred Fries.

Tom Doeppner, Virgil Brallier, Paul Dannelley, Helen Davis, Virginia Kerlin, Ronald Orr, Albert Whitmore, and Gladys Wiggins were the juniors who appeared on the Dean's List.

Seniors on the list were James Crill, Lem Elrod, Harold Fries, Raymond Goering, Donna Jean Johnson, Marianne Krueger, Norman Krueger, Wilburn Lewallen, Mildred Miller, Donald Newkirk, Ernest Reed, Ramona Fries, Joy Smith, Edith Spengler, Geraldine Spohn, Dale Stucky, Ruth Stump, Wayne Switzer, Paul Thomas, Frederick Wiley, John Detrick, and Esther Sherfy.


Honor Roll Has Been Made Public

Smith Heads List With 54 Honor Points, 18 Hours, All A's

Joy Smith leads the honor rolls for the first semester with 54 honor points, it was announced by the central office of the college. Miss Smith gained this distinction by getting A's in eighteen hours of academic work. Closest followers-up were Ida Mae Buckingham with 48 points, Thomas Doeppner with 47 points, and John Schmidt with 46 points.

Wayne Crist and James Crill received 44 honor points and Dale Stucky 43 points. The following students had 42 honor points: Paul Thompson, Eunice Swank, Arline Seldel, Donald Newark, Eugene Lichty, and Donna Jean Johnson. Ralph Schlicht, Marianne Krueger, Virginia Kerlin, Virgil Brallier, and Paul Donnelley each received 41 honor points, while Geraldine Spohn, Norman Krueger, and Lem Elrod received 40 points.

Honorable mention for the first semester's honor roll was gained by these students: Edsel Johnson, Mary Ann Stucky, Frederick Wiley, Elizabeth Mohler, Dean Stucky, Raymond Slifer, Geneva Schlehuber, Jean Oberst, Roy McAuley, Wilburn Lewallen, Robert Frantz and Esther Sherfy.

Lena Belle Olwin, Leland Nelson, Max Morse, Midred Miller, Harold Bowman, Ann Janet Allison, Harold Voth, John Trostle, Vera Flery, Helen Davis, Flora Mae Brockus, and Leta Beckner also received honorable mention for the honor roll.

Guys- Opa made the honor roll. Like the tip top of it. All while being a refugee, trying to get his mom to safety and educating the Americans about Europe. 

I need to up my game. 

I hope Ella got a clipping of this to show everyone. This would make her so happy!

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