Monday, August 4, 2014

Kansas Trip!

Hello readers! I know I have been silent for a while. Surgery, recovery, and summer plans have created an unplanned sabbatical from the blog- but don't worry- lots of stuff is happening!

Just a couple of weeks ago I went to the Holocaust Museum in D.C. to hear a presentation on refugees of the war, and my Opa's story was included! I will write a separate blog about that and give you more detail.

Today I am embarking on another research adventure! Wheels up today for Kansas! My folks, Jason, and I are traveling to the great plains of Kansas to do some research and discovery of the place my Grandmother grew up. Internet may be limited, so I'll try to update as well as I can from the road.

School is around the corner, and so is a regular routine. The blog should be updated regularly in no time.