Thursday, September 10, 2015

May 3, 1940: Christian Conference Speaker

Clip from article in The Spectator (McPherson College Newspaper)


Dr. Metzler, Doeppner Speak At Conference
Theme of B.Y.P.D. Conference is "Christ Calls Youth"

Several M.C. students attended the Southwest Kansas B.Y.P.D. spring conference held at Garden City last week end. Dr. Burton Metzler and Tom Doeppner were the guest speakers of the conference. Nearly sixty young people attended this meeting whose theme was "Christ Calls Youth".

Elizabeth Ann Mohler, Roy McAuley, Lenora Kanel, Juanita Weaver,...

This is just a short clip from the Spectator article which announces Opa's guest speaking role at a conference. I still don't know what BYPD stands for but I encourage you to have fun guessing. (Or tell me if you know!) I wish I had more information, I'd be fascinated to know what Opa was speaking about at a conference themed "Christ Calls Youth." Opa was not a Christian per se, and he would not have the lingo of the typical Christian conference. I think it is really cool that they invited him to speak. I wonder if he spoke about the importance of youth being politically informed and active, or being aware of their world. That was likely something he would have liked to talk about. But perhaps he simply spoke about his own experiences as a refugee, a call for the young people of McPherson to continue to help refugees.

Either way, that's one more thing Opa can add to his resume: "Christian Conference Speaker." 

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