Monday, September 7, 2015

April 26, 1940: Long-Haul Help

Article in McPherson College Newspaper "The Spectator" about raising funds for Refugee Student


Drive to Aid Student Refugee Starts Monday
Financial Goal For Program Is $150 From Students, Faculty

Plans have been completed by the central committee in charge of the Refugee Student Aid Fund of McPherson college to repeat this year's successful support of a refugee student. It was announced yesterday by Elmer Dadisman, chairman of the committee.

A financial drive among the students and faculty will begin Monday morning after the assembly period, and will continue through Tuesday. As determined by the committee the necessary goal to come from the students and faculty is $150.

Additional funds are expected to come from service clubs and church and Sunday school organizations of McPherson and from the McPherson college administration.

The refugee student selected by the committee to be aided by the fund is expected to work during the school year to help defray his expenses.

This year Thomas Doeppner, a refugee from Berlin, is on the campus as the result of a similar campaign last year. It is not known for certain if the state department will extend his visa until next year.

The committee in charge have indicated that if an extension is obtained, which is probable, Doeppner will be selected as next year's student to be aided by the fund.

Mary Elizabeth Hoover, Phil Meyers, Elizabeth Anne Mohler, and Dale Stucky are members of the committee headed by Elmer Dadisman. The organization is the outgrowth of the plans of the Student Christian Movement and other famous organizations.

I love McPherson. They are raising more funds to help a refugee, and they are hoping it will be Opa. If Opa's visa is worked out and he can stay, they will help him out. I appreciate the fact that they are raising the funds no matter what. They know Opa - but if for whatever reason he cannot accept the funds, they still want to help- because it's the right thing to do.

The news story of kristallnacht is faded into the background and now the main story is of the growing war and the dangerous Germans. But McPherson keeps their heads clear and remembers the refugees, remembers that Opa still needs them. I'm grateful. They're in it for the long-haul.

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