Sunday, September 13, 2015

May 10, 1940: That Escalated Quickly: Spotlight on Germany's Battle for the Lower Countries and France

As you have been reading through the blog, you have been reading letters from Ella in Berlin, Patti in France, and August and Emma in Holland. May 10 is a date that will be a significant turn of events for Opa and his family. 

On May 10th, Germany would overtake Holland. August’s letters will cease at this point (although we will still get a little info from family). The overtaking of Holland happened quickly and was ultimately a pathway to take over France. Germany will walk into an undefended Paris on June 14. As we just read, Patti is in Paris on May 9 preparing for her exams, happening in mid-June and planning to get married on June 20. Little does she know the ways in which the tide will turn for France within the next month. Instead of trying to be a historian, I will simply give two links to wikipedia sites that can explain how Germany moved on both Holland and then quickly to France. 

Battle of the Netherlands

Battle of France

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