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September 26, 1942: Tables and Tish

Diary Entry from Herb Michael (Opa's Roommate at Kansas State)


Saturday, September 26, 1942
269th Day - 96 Days to Follow

Tom and I made typewriter tables this afternoon. They fit right under our desk, in the "kneehole" and slide out to hold our machines. I'm very well pleased with mine.

Tom, Lee, and I went to a show together tonight. It was "Tish," dopey but quite amusing.

Let's talk a minute about how adorable my Opa and his roommate are. They made typewriter tables. Like- pinterest meets DIY for holding typewriters at your desk. Not sure why they couldn't put the typewriters on TOP of their existing desk, but knowing Opa- this was an exercise in efficiency. And they did it. With what materials and tools? No idea. I love all of it. They were pleased with their accomplishments. 

There is something sweet and endearing about a couple of college kids making furniture. 

Then they rewarded themselves by going to see Tish. I too, got a hold of this movie and watched it ...and I have to agree with Herb: Dopey but quite amusing. The main character is Tish, a strong-willed woman who is funny and crass (for 1942 mainstream). She tries to play match-maker with her nephew and a girl that she cares about. There are antics and silly scenes that genuinely made me laugh. As you would expect from the time, there is one anti-Hitler and Benito joke, one Army guy, and a telegram telling news of someone lost at sea. At the end, the credits begin with a plea for people to buy war bonds to support the war. 

I love watching old movies, some are terrible (as well are some of our current ones) but some are delightful. This one was silly and fun, and I imagined Opa getting a break from reality and enjoying himself just like I did when I watched it. 

Saturday was a tables and Tish day. Get something done, have some fun.

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  1. My guess is that the desk height was too tall for comfortable typing. Most typing desks had a "return" that was several inches lower than the top of the desk. Clever to put it in the "kneehole".


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