Saturday, April 29, 2017

December 3, 1942: Showing Up

Diary entry from Herb Michael (Opa's roommate)


Thursday, December 3, 1942
337th Day - 28 Days to Follow

The Cosmopolitan Club gave their annual "Feast of the Nations" tonight. Various foreign students cooked dishes that are common to their country.

Tom gave the main address of the evening. It was very good. Abdul Khalif was the toastmaster. 

I took Lorraine Humphrey to it. The date was very nice. Conversation lagged a little when we were at the church, in the groups, but otherwise held up pretty well.

First- Herb's date: adorable. He seems to be doing fine in the dating department. I wish he would report on Opa's dates!

Herb writes about the "Feast of the Nations" - an event I would definitely be interested in attending! I doubt Opa cooked anything, I never got the impression that they had a rich family culture of cooking. However, he did speak! It impressed Herb. I can't help but reflect on the fact that Opa stuttered. It never occurred to me until Opa's niece pointed it out- and then I was sort of shocked that I had never noticed it. Looking back, of course, I could see it. I'm just so proud of Opa for putting himself out there and doing things like organizing clubs, public speaking, etc- especially in a language that was not his native tongue. 

Opa was brave. Even with his faults, insecurities, hardships- he showed up.

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