Friday, April 28, 2017

December 1, 1942: Teaching Gig

Diary Entry from Herb Michael (Opa's Roommate)


Tuesday, December 1, 1942
335th Day - 30 Days to Follow

Tom tells me that Kloeffler has offered him a part time teaching job next semester. He says the pay will be sixty cents an hour. Tom thinks he will take it instead of the library work. 

It looks as though there will be a good chance for me, for Kloeffler expects to use a number of fellows.

Opa was offered a new job at a whopping 0.60 an hour! Again, using the inflation calculator, that's about $10.40 an hour. Not too terrible! The cost of living in Kansas is likely very low, we already know his rent is $7/month, so if he works 20 hours a week, he's got $12 in the first week, which more than pays for the month's rent. 

I'm not actually sure if Opa took this job, or if he kept his library job on top of it. His autobiography mentioned that he worked at the library the whole time he was at Kansas State.

I'm wondering what kind of teaching gig the upperclassman are getting? Is this sort of like when they get graduate students to be teacher's assistants? Perhaps! It seems Opa is succeeding in school and making a good name for himself.

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