Thursday, April 6, 2017

December 16, 1941: Be Merry

Article in Kansas State Collegiate (College Newspaper)


Churches Start Christmas Fetes

Methodists Will Mend Toys for Needy Children

With Christmas coming so soon, church groups are planning various activities in keeping with the season.

"Santa's Toy Shop" is the theme of the Methodist party Saturday night at 7:30. Old toys will be mended, and refreshments will be served. The annual Christmas dinner will be Sunday evening at Fellowship Cafeteria, in charge Ellen Krippen and Tom Doeppner. Phil Meyers and Jean Alford will lead the games. At Wesley league the subject, "Idiosyncrasies of the Bible," will be discussed by Harold Fox, Herbert Michael, Bob Singleton and Bob Leonard. At church school Sunday morning at 9:45, Margaret Collins will give a vocal solo, with Elaine Rohrer at the organ.

Opa has become an active participant in the Wesley Fellowship- a Methodist organization on campus. He continues to jump in to groups head first, looking for places to have intelligent conversation and make some sort of dent in the problems of the world. 

Pearl Harbor is behind them, Christmas is in front. Does Opa feel light years away from his time in Berlin? I can't help but think he does. I appreciate that he keeps plodding ahead, connecting with this peers, doing what he can to help others. It reminds me of the ecclesiastical saying to "eat, drink, and merry" even in the tough times.

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