Sunday, April 9, 2017

December 25, 1941: Nice, Lazy Christmas

Diary Entry from Herb Michael's diary (Opa's roommate)


Thursday, December 25, 1941
359th Day - 6 Days to Follow

Christmas Day

What a nice, lazy day. After morning chores were done, a nice breakfast, and then we opened packages.

There was a table cloth from me from Tom, and a shirt and two pair of socks from Dad and Mom, that beside the typewriter they are getting me, but which hasn't come yet.

Dad and I went hunting and shot a cottontail apiece, Dinner was grand.

Radio programs of Dicken's Christmas Carol, and the Rochester Civic Orchestra were excellent.

There is so much good in this short little diary entry. I absolutely love the simplicity of this Christmas. A lazy day that started with chores (because even Christmas Day has chores). 

I'm so pleased that Opa thought to give his roommate a gift. I thought perhaps he was with them, but I think Herb would have said that explicitly- or at least taken him hunting with him. If Opa is not there, where is he? Opa has always made it a point to be with people on special holidays, nearly always he seems to have an invitation to someone's home. Is he back with the Shelley's? Is he with his friend Winton that he told Gisela about? I wonder. Is he having a nice enough time to distract him from the fact that he isn't with his family... that he hasn't heard from any of them in a while? 

I love that Christmas gifts are shirts, socks, and a typewriter. I won't go on a rage about the rampant consumerism of Christmas now. This is a nice lazy Christmas, and I'm glad to get a glimpse into it.

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