Tuesday, April 11, 2017

February 22, 1942: Frozen Peas

Diary Entry of Herb Michael (Opa's roommate)


Aileen Roberts had Tom and I, and also Miss Derby (one of the librarians) at her place for dinner today. It was excellent, browned chicken, frozen peas, olives, hot rolls, cake and Bavarian creme.

We had a nice time talking about poetry, telling riddles.

Tom and I took a dozen sweet peas for her, which seemed to please her. It was a very nice afternoon.

Eileen Roberts (as Opa referred to her) was the librarian that he worked for at Kansas State. She remained a friend for many years, they kept in touch until she died. I think she became a sort of mentor and trusted friend for him. 

Here she has Opa and Herb over for dinner, which I think in Kansas-speak, might be lunch. I may be wrong. I absolutely love that frozen peas are on the menu as excellent. I bet they are fresh from the farm and not actually what we think when we think of frozen peas, haha. I'm guessing when Tom and  Herb took the peas for her, she was giving them some produce from her garden. 

Their conversation consisted of poetry and riddles. How absolutely lovely is that? People like Eileen Roberts were part of how Opa made it through these tough years in his exile from all things home. They made him feel at home here in the middle of Kansas, with frozen peas.

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