Tuesday, April 4, 2017

December 12, 1941: USA at War

Diary Entry from Herb Michael (Opa's roommate)


Friday, December 12, 1941
346th Day - 19 Days to Follow

The U.S. has declared war on Germany and Italy.

Tom remarked after our "foodless banquet" (F.O.R. fast) tonight that it seemed so useless.

It does in a way and yet to me, I think that there is more of a feeling that now, more than ever, we pacifists must stand up for what we think is right. 

Herb and Opa are continuing their fast for the Fellowship of reconciliation. A fast to raise funds for their pacifist club and to bring awareness to pacifism. On this day they skip a meal for pacifism. The US declares war on Germany and Italy. Opa echoes my feelings exactly: it seems so useless. What do you do when the thing you are fighting against is inevitable? 

I admire Herb's stand, that now is an especially good time to stand up for what they think is right. However, I think Opa's thoughts open up a better question: what is useful now? 

When war is a reality, peace must change strategy. Opa is thinking less globally at this moment probably more specifically about his family and friends. How can he help them, now?

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