Tuesday, April 18, 2017

May 16, 1942: $7 Rent

Diary Entry from Herb Michael (Opa's Roommate)


Saturday, May 16, 1942
136th Day - 229 Days to Follow

I think I'm coming back on the upswing in the way of emotional outlook. For the last couple of days, I've been feeling happier in spite of the fact that school work is unsatisfactory. Although I think that it's important, still it just doesn't make such a hell of a lot of difference.

Tom and I walked the town looking for a room this afternoon. We didn't find anything that had all advantages, but we picked one on Moro for $7.00 that looks very nice.

Mrs. Zimmerman, 1011 Moro

I am so grateful for Herb and his emotional vulnerability. Here we get a glimpse into a college student feeling downright despondent about his classes. I love that he feels a little happier, but you can tell he still has a little ways to go. 

He and Opa walked the town looking for a new place to live. I'm not sure if their existing location was no longer good enough or if they were not allowed to re-up their lease, but off they go. My husband and I were just glancing on Zillow, fantasizing that we could afford to buy a vacation home. At our fingertips were tax records, pictures, aerial views, insurance rates, etc. Opa and Herb had to go walking around town to find their room with little other than first impressions and basic amenities to go on.

They may have had to put in some extra effort, but their rent was seven bucks a month. I would like my seven dollars to buy a room for one night! The inflation calculator I used told me that $7 in 1942 is equivalent buying power as $104.61 now. Yeah, except for housing. Those weren't the good ol' days for much else, but apparently they were for rent! 

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