Wednesday, April 5, 2017

December 15, 1941: Visa Update

Letter from Byron Uhl of INS to Opa


U.S. Department of Justice 
Immigration and Naturalization
Ellis Island, New York Harbor, N.Y.

December 15, 1941

Mr. Thomas Walter Doeppner
Kansas State College,

Dear Sir:

Replying to your letter of December 4th, I suggest you wait until about January 15th before making application for further extension.

If your status is not changed, application should be made to this office as before. If it is changed to that of a student, applications will have to be made direct to the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Washington, D.C.

Very Truly yours,

Byron H. Uhl
District Director
New York District

Another correspondence to remind us that Opa is never really able to relax in his status as a visitor of the US. The positive thing about this note from Byron Uhl is that he seems to be open to the idea that Opa's status could be changed to that of a Student visa. No idea why this is all of a sudden feasible when it wasn't before. But Opa is staying on top of it, because now he really has no place to go- he must stay in the US.

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