Tuesday, October 18, 2016

May 16, 1941: A Gala!

Article about Junior-Senior Gala in The Spectator


Junior-Senior Banquet To Be Gala Affair; Many Expected

Dr. Bright Former McPherson College Education Head, Will Speak

One of the highlights of the Junior-Senior banquet is the fact that the Juniors have secured Dr. J.D. Bright, former McPherson college education head, as main speaker for the evening. The faculty and many students will remember this genial speaker as being a personality not lightly to be reckoned with, either on the speaker's bench or behind the teacher's desk.

This evening May 16, at 7:00 P.M., in the McCourt Hotel the junior class will entertain the senior class at the annual Junior-Senior banquet. The main theme of this gala occasion is, as runs the tide of all themes of such occasions at this particular season, a Mexican theme. Coronado will ride high once again as the juniors pay their last honors to Macollege seniors. Although the exact nature of the program could not be revealed, it promises to be a very interesting and attractive event.

The main speaker of the evening was also kept a secret and consequently his name cannot be told here. The program committee promises that the speaker is a very interesting lecturer and is very well liked by all who have learned to know him. "As an educator he stands very prominent among the other educators of the state of Kansas." says Mr. Thomas Walter Doeppner, a junior at McPherson college.

The program committee is made up of Lucile Horner and Ruby Peterson. Working on the invitations committee are Orville Long and Tom Doeppner. Alice Lindgrim, Doris Voshell, and Robert Brunt have charge of decorations while Shirley Spohn and Bernetta Denny compose the food committee.

Since this is all the information that was released, the main program can not be given here. The committees report that plans are progressing and developing rapidly and that the seniors will truly receive their due honor.

This is just a fun insight into the stuff Opa was involved in when he wasn't busy making the honor roll, writing articles about current events, involved in international relations clubs, working on his own visa/right to stay in the US and trying to get his mother to safety.

Other than all that, he was helping put together the junior-senior banquet. This article is super confusing because it tells you all about the banquet in the first half, and then the lower half seems like it's all a secret (or they don't have a plan).

Once thing I know for sure, when Opa said the main speaker "stands very prominent" - I don't doubt for a minute with his sense of humor that he is talking about the height of the speaker. 

So I hope the gala went off without a hitch, and that Opa learned to say "no" to few volunteer opportunities in the mean time.

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