Thursday, March 23, 2017

September 23, 1941: Very Worthy Young Man

Letter from W.W. Peters, new President of McPherson


Excerpt     McPherson College
            Mcpherson, Kansas
            September 23, 1941
       (received September 26, 1941)

Mrs. Kathleen Hanstein

The folks here speak very highly of Tom Doeppner and enjoyed his presence on the campus very much. He made a real contribution to the life of McPherson College and seems to have been very appreciative of what he received of McPherson. He is considered a very worthy young man.

W.W. Peters,

My guess on this document is that in Opa's application for an extension of stay in the US, he had to submit letters of recommendation and character references. This letter from the new President of McPherson college, who didn't know Opa, but who seemed to have heard good things, is a big positive for Opa's file. 

I like that phrase: "very worthy young man." I agree.

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