Monday, March 27, 2017

October 7 & 10, 1941: Pacifism in the US

Articles in the Kansas State newspaper about starting the Fellowship of Reconciliation Club


Pacifist Program Gets Under Way

The Manhattan chapter of the Fellowship of Reconciliation will meet at 8p.m. Saturday at the Congregational parsonage, 710 Poyntz. Charles Hall, who is student secretary of the F.O.R. for Kansas, will meet with the group to discuss the purposes of the movement and the problems of organization of the local unit. All who are interested in the pacific program are invited to the meeting. 

The Fellowship of Reconciliation is a world-wide, non-denominational organization of pacifists believing in opposition to all wars and aggressions by methods of non-violent resistance.

Wesley Foundationers tomorrow night at 7:30p.m. Henrietta Ferguson and Warren Cooper are in charge of the affair which will be in Wesley hall, 1637 Fairview.

Organ meditations by Elaine Rohrer and a violin solo by Pat Prather are planned for the Sunday morning church school worship service at the Methodist church at 6th and Poyntz. Phil Brum and Marjorie Rasure will lead games at the fellowship cafeteria Sunday evening at 5p.m., while Areta Boyer and Mike Roller will direct the kitchen force in fixing chicken and noodles which will be sold at four cents a dish.

Charles Hall of Fort Hays State College, student secretary of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, will speak at Wesley League at 6:30 p.m. in the Methodist Church. His subject will be, "Christian Pacifism - The Answer."

Opa has been an active part of this club forming, so it is interesting to see the articles announcing the pacifist club coming to Kansas State. I wonder how this club was perceived, especially with a German on board. When the United States was essentially just biding its time until it committed to the war fully, how passionately did folks feel about this issue? From what I can tell it was a fairly divisive discussion. Obviously, we know what happens in December, when Pearl Harbor is attacked. How man folks who were pacifists turn against their principles? It's a fair question. I'll be interested to see if this club gathers any steam after the US joins the war effort. We shall see!

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