Thursday, March 23, 2017

September 23, 1941: Extension Request

Letter from Byron H. Uhl of Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service


U.S. Department of Justice
Immigration and Naturalization Service
Ellis Island, New York Harbor, N.Y.
September 23, 1941

In replying please refer to this FILE NUMBER 99503/254

Mr. Thomas Walter Doeppner
R.F.D. #1
McPherson, Kansas

Dear Sir:

This will acknowledge the receipt of your application for extension of temporary admission in the United States, which is being forwarded to the Department of Justice today.

When a reply is received, you will be advised.

Very truly yours

Byron H. Uhl
District Director
New York District

Opa has applied for his extension, a regular task he must do to keep his status in the US legal. His hopes of transferring his status from temporary to permanent are fading, but at least the INS seems to have gotten on the same page. Opa should now be able to follow a routine of regularly submitting his application for an extension, and as long as he is enrolled in school, he should be OK. But of course nothing is permanent, so there is the slight held breath until he receives a response affirming his stay.

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