Wednesday, March 29, 2017

October 28, 1941: Protest the Tidal Wave

Diary Entry from Herb Michael, Opa's roommate at KSU


Tom and I have started a program of fasting the period in six days, giving the meal equivalent to F.O.R., and using the time to read literature. Tonight was our second to talk a little and that reminds me of things I want to tell him. It seems that there are always just continuous little things to take time. And I'm always so slow when I do get down to doing something. 

"A.E. machinery alone is pretty nearly enough to give me fits I'll be lucky to get thru it with a "D".

It's pretty hard to keep myself...
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Unfortunately we don't get to see the next page, but Opa has made another appearance in Herb's diary. One that I think his mother, despite her happiness of his character, would be appalled to see. Opa is fasting for a cause- skipping a meal and donating the money to the pacifist organization "Fellowship of Reconciliation" while spending the time reading. Herb enjoys the extra time to chat with Opa, and seems to be frustrated with his classes. 

I kind of like this idea though- to dedicate a time and the resources you usually spend during that time towards a cause. Would I skip a meal? What charity could I support? What literature would I read? I want to do this little challenge! I wish I had read this letter before the start of lent- I might have had this be my lenten practice this year. It reminds me of an article headline I saw in the Washington Post about a woman who stopped watching TV for a year and got her PhD and ran a marathon. I think it is safe to say that if I stopped watching TV for a year I would maybe only accomplish more sleep and a few more books read. 

Either way- this fasting and activism connects me to Opa. What generation does not have some form of protest or organized support towards a cause? We humans continue to band together and try to be better. 

Against a tidal wave of war- there are these two college boys skipping a meal and reading. It gives me a strange hope, even when it doesn't seem to have changed much. I honor their attempt.

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