Wednesday, May 16, 2018

November 24, 1943: Floating Stones

Article in Kansas State Collegian (College Newspaper) 
mentioning Opa's article in "Kansas State Engineer" publication


Post War Plans as 'Engineer' Theme

Teeter Edits Magazine; Radar Article Included

This month's Kansas State Engineer, edited by LeRoy Teeter, features post war planning on the part of K-State engineers. The cover depicts a large transport plan flying above a large blueprint. It shows the control room of a broadcasting station in the background.

Among the many features in this month's issue is an article on tungsten, a critical war material from the High Sierras written by Robert Dawley. Another article written by Tom Doeppner concerns Radar. Another about Kansas State's Student Health Department was written by LeRoy Teeter.

Harold R. Volkmann contributed an article about Army students at Kansas State and the methods and programs used for training these students.

"Floating Stones", an article written by Harold Siegele, is about the manufacture of concrete ships to save metal for war equipment.

Many other articles are included and a page of humorous articles is also included.

The Engineer is a monthly publication issued by the students of the School of Engineering and Architecture at Kansas State. It is issued every month from October until May and is a member of the Engineering College Magazines Association.

This is a whole article advertising for an Engineering Magazine. I wonder how effective it was. It looks like Opa was finally allowed to publish his radar article! I kinda want to read the "Floating Stones" article about the concrete ships. 

It boggles my mind how much Opa juggled, and how prolific he was on top of his regular school work (and actual work). Puts my college career to shame!

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