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November 12 & 15, 1943: Efficient INS Correspondence

Letter from INS to Opa

Opa's Response to INS inquiry


U.S. Department of Justice         1100/7487
Immigration and Naturalization Service
Kansas City, Missouri (6)
November 12, 1943

Mr. Thomas W. Doeppner
1011 Moro Street
Manhattan, Kansas

Dear Sir:

Please inform this office as to your present location and place of employment.

Yours very truly,

District Director
Kansas City District

District Operations Officer

Opa's response:

1011 Moro Street
Manhattan, Kansas
November 15, 1943

Mr. Edw. L. Haff                  1100/7487
District Director
U.S. Immigration and
Naturalization Service
Kansas City, Missouri

Dear Sir:

This is an answer to your letter of November 12, 1943. My present address is 1011 Moro Street, Manhattan, Kansas. Besides of going to college at Kansas State College, I am employed as a student assistant at the Kansas State College Library, at the rate of 50 cents per hour. I work approximately 25 hours per week.

Very truly yours,

Thomas W. Doeppner

The work of an INS agent is never done is it? Opa gets a check in from the Department of Justice. They are looking for his address (which they mailed to) and his employment. I've actually lost track of where Opa is on the visa situation. I think he has upgraded from a student visa to a more semi-permanent Immigrant Visa, which allows him to work. He's been fielding job offers and possibilities, planning for a future (not green card) marriage. He is hoping to get work and bide time until after the war when he might have a legitimate chance at applying for citizenship.

Meanwhile, he is monitored, sometimes closely, and sometimes not much at all. It all seems a bit haphazard. Opa responds with a very succinct letter outlining the answers to the questions. He does not offer any extra information. I imagine this letter exchange is a habit by now, and they both know how to get it done as efficiently as possible.

I'm sure Opa looks forward to the day when his existence somewhere is not a liability or a question. I bet he looks forward to claiming a home where he can stay. It gives me a glimpse into the anxiety that immigrants feel being without a country.

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