Friday, May 12, 2017

June 23, 1943: Mama is Teaching

Red Cross Letter from Ella to Opa


23 June 1943
Beloved boy, hope you are healthy as we are.  I’m nearing fluency, Mama is teaching. Papa healthy. No news from Patti for a long time, from you either. Greet the Shelleys!
This is the second letter from Annchen's address, this one not even signed from Ella. I wonder if Ella is hiding out at Annchen's home. I think it is odd that Annchen uses a whole sentence to talk about Ella tutoring her (in English I suppose). However, perhaps it really is something easy and happy to mention. Perhaps it was a way to mention Ella without specifically naming her. They haven't heard from Patti, who is in the "free" part of France (southern France) but likely still not completely safe. August must be keeping a regular correspondence with Annchen. I really wonder if Opa didn't get letters from August or if he didn't keep them. Either way- that's odd isn't it?

Opa received this letter sometime in November of 1943 it seems. Five months later. I hope he is writing to Ella. I know she needs it. In the meantime, mama is teaching.

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