Monday, May 8, 2017

April 29, 1943: What is Ellen Doing?

Red Cross Letter from Ella to Opa


29 April 1943
My boy,
Long time without news from you, Patti. How about your exams? Annchen sends greetings; they miss you a lot.  
What is Ellen doing?
I kiss you!
Yours, Mama

Ella writes again in a little more detail than usual. Things are quiet, although we know Opa has written and that the letters must be slow to make their way. She asks about his exams and Ellen (Ellenruth, Martha and Erich's daughter). 

I wonder how much Ella knows about Martha and Erich. Does she know at least that they are missing? I assume she does. If so, then perhaps her asking Opa about Ellen is a way for her to check in and to tip Opa's hat to inquiring into Ellenruth's well-being. Either way, Ella has always been kind and loving toward Ellenruth, in a way that the rest of the family has not tried as hard. She cares, even in the midst of her own confusion and fear- she is caring for others.

What is Ellen doing? Is she wondering why she hasn't heard from her parents? Or does she know why?

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