Wednesday, May 6, 2015

September 29, 1939: Reliable Reporting


Doeppner To Come To McPherson Soon
Refugee Student Finally Secures Visa For Trip From European Officials

   Thomas Doeppner, McPherson college's non-Aryan refugee student from Berlin, has obtained a passport in Holland, a letter from Refugee Section of the American Friends Committee assures, and he will arrive here the middle of October.
   Doeppner's cable to the committee said he got the visa and would leave October the seventh on the Volendam. The committee will see that he is met at the boat and will get him to Kansas immediately.
   The month and a half of back studies will keep him busy for awhile.
   Charlotte S. Salmon, placement worker for the committee, said in the letter. "We surely appreciate your patience and your cooperation in putting this thing through".

I love the Spectator, McPherson College’s newspaper. I want the Spectator to report on all news. They are short, to the point, and accurate. It’s impressive. I don’t even have a lot to say about this- everything is accurate and well-said. I love that they update the students in as real-time as possible, and that everyone is still so invested in Opa’s safe arrival.

So much love for McPherson College. I made a sort of pilgrimage to McPherson College last summer to trace Opa's path and also my Grandmother's Kansas roots, and I felt very welcomed by them then. Look- here’s a sign that was there when I arrived:

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