Saturday, May 30, 2015

Refugee Posts

This is Jason, Sarah's husband and researcher! Part of my research has been to study the names and places along the way (as you've seen in the spotlights so far). When we gained the documents from the AFSC files, I began to wonder about the other names that came up. Did they make it to the U.S.? What schools did they end up attending if they did? Do their families know that there is this documentation surrounding their ancestor's attempts to emigrate? 
      So, I took time to look at the AFSC files for these different names. And, when I could, I tried to find living family members to let them know about these files and to ask if they might be willing to share some information or even write a spotlight for you all to read. 
     Now that we know Opa is heading to McPherson and en route, in the next week I will share spotlights on what has happened to the other refugee students based on information I gained from the files and information shared or supplied by the family. 

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