Saturday, October 3, 2015

June 12, 1940: Government Letters 101

Letter from James L Houghteling at INS to Opa


U.S. Department of Labor
Immigration and Naturalization Service
June 12,1940

Thomas Doeppner
McPherson College,
McPherson, Kansas

Dear Sir:

We are acknowledging receipt of your recent letter at this time so that you may know it has been received and is being given attention.

Reply to your inquiry may be delayed because the number of communications and applications for various immigration and naturalization purposes sent to this Service has greatly increased on account of unusual conditions both in the United States and foreign countries. You are assured, however, that the matter will be handled as promptly as possible.

Should further inquiries be made by you before you receive formal response, they can only serve to delay your reply as your original letter or application will undoubtedly be moving through the necessary channels of indexing, searching for appropriate files and handling by those responsible for the particular part of the work of the office concerning which you wrote.

Very truly yours,

James L. Houghteling

This letter is hilarious. Government letter 101. "Hi- we got your letter. We won't be responding for a while because we are overwhelmed. Don't ask any more questions because it makes things more complicated. Thanks!"

Oh man, I can't say much else. I guess Opa is safe to remain in the country because Mr. Houghteling sure isn't going to keep track. 

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