Sunday, July 19, 2015

November 28, 1939: Visitor's Visa

Office Memorandum in American Friends Service Committee Office

Office Memorandum              Nov. 28, 1939
Refugee Service
American Friends Service Committee
To: C. Salmon             From: Louise Clancy
Subject: Excerpt from letter from Alice Palmer of Ellis Island

"Mr. Thomas Doeppner, who arrived on the 'Pennland'(Nov. 15) was released to us by the Inspector on the boat without difficulty. There was a little question about his visa at first, as he stated he was coming as a student and he only had a visitor's visa. However, the Inspector admitted him for eight months and if he wishes he can stay longer by filing an extension."

This document was sent out as a memorandum in the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) office. I imagine everyone already knew this information, but it was a way to formalize the entry of one of their clients into safe haven. This also confirms that Opa entered the United States on a visitor’s visa, and he must apply for an extension before his eight months is up. I bet Charlotte was already working on it. Unfortunately, it’s just one more detail that makes Opa’s stay in the United States a little more tenuous.

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