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July 26, 1944: College Life


Letter from Opa to Grandmother, July 26, 1944.


July 26, 1944.


I guess you kids can start a K State Kappa Phi at K.U. now; Yvonne, Eileen, and who else besides you? Get Yvonne to have some prints made of those pictures! Also, tell her not to be a fool but to return to K-State in September.

Thanks for finding someone to crate my stuff. Do not try to find a second-hand radio unless you go with someone who knows his business. It is easy to get a radio with weak tubes or condenses; if they should fail, you cannot possibly replace them for the duration I shall look for a second-hand set for you; one, though, for pretty soon you will be able to use mine again.

Tonight, we got in at eight o' clock, and I worked on the equipment for another hour. By the end of the week I ought to have plenty of overtime!

I am about to fall in love with Bob's wife; by way of the usual stomach approach. Every week, I buy a dozen eggs, keep them in Bob's refrigerator, and his wife boils two of them for me daily for lunch. Quite a deal, ain't it? (Bob's suggestion, after he had found out how crazy I am about eggs.)

I hope I'll hear from you tomorrow concerning time and place of our meeting. If we get in a good week of work, we shall probably have Saturday off, but I'll get down there anyhow, just a little later.

How are your folks getting along with the harvest? They ought to be done for now. Has your dad had any kids on that cow yet? It's midnight; time to go to bed.

Good night,

Opa is happy to be clocking some overtime, perhaps saving for the honeymoon? Or just life in general. I wonder if those fabulous eggs he raves about are all he eats for lunch. It's an easy way to save money but I can't imagine he felt full after two eggs. Bob's wife didn't have to do much to earn Opa's love and admiration, ha. I didn't even think about the fact that Opa didn't have a kitchen, a fridge, a stove. He really had to eat out or get invited to dinner. 

I remember when I was first married and how wonderful it was for people to invite us to their homes for a meal. It was a night we didn't have to cook, a free meal, and a chance to eat better (because my husband and I are not the greatest cooks). If we were invited to a restaurant it was always a bit of a stressor because we knew we would likely have to pay for our meals and that could get expensive!

I actually love boiled eggs, I should do that for myself. 

Grandmother seems to have a lot of familiar friends at her grad school at the University of Kansas. Even though Kansas State and the University of Kansas were rivals in a way (do NOT get it mixed up with an alumni from either place!), the odds that you would go to one or both if you were pursuing higher education from Kansas was pretty high. Grandmother is enjoying an extended college experience. She started at Fort Hays, a community college and then transferred to Kansas State, where she met Opa. She graduated and now is getting her masters degree in early childhood development. I love how driven she is in her education. I know that is part of what Opa loved about her.

Opa is looking forward to seeing Grandmother. This letter is so normal, you'd forget what is happening outside their little sphere. For now, they're still living in the glow of college life and friends (even Opa, with his dorm-like situation).

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