Friday, December 27, 2013

Spotlight: Martin Cohnstaedt

Jason again...when we were contacted about the possibility of locating the case files for Opa and Ella with the AFSC, we had no idea what information we would find inside. Once we had a chance to look at Opa's file, we learned about the many schools that sought to help refugees seeking education. The case file for Opa includes any document that pertained to him, but often there were other student refugees mentioned. Also in these files we learned about regular folks who worked especially hard to help refugees find a place in the USA. Even though Opa never met most of these people, I have done some research to learn more about some of them. For those that I find info on, I will share what I have found in a spotlight.

Martin Cohnstaedt, at his graduation from Rutgers University
Martin Cohnstaedt at his graduation from Rutgers University
Martin Cohnstaedt was the student from the last blogpost from Rutgers seeking to help Jewish German students. His spotlight is easy as there is someone who did a nice biography of his life that I found online. So enjoy reading about Martin's interesting life:

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