Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Spotlight: Ellen Scheiberg

A picture from Ellen's AFSC file
Another person that is mentioned once in the May 9, 1939 letter among the refugees is Ellen Scheiberg. She was, like Sabine Heller, in the United States and Charlotte was trying to secure her a place in a college. I have not found any relatives, but have some information between her AFSC file and the internet! 

Ellen Scheiberg was born in Hanover on December 26, 1921, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Scheiberg. Albert was a private bank owner in his father’s bank, in charge of the Exchange in Hanover. In December of 1936, it became apparent that the continuation of school in Germany was not an option because of regulations concerning Jewish students. Ellen was sent to England with a scholarship to the Bedford Girls’ Modern School.  She was there until July 1938. Her father took his own life in April of 1937. Her brother came to the US in 1936. By July 1938, both her parents were no longer living, so she sought to be reunited with her brother in America. After getting her Commercial Certificate in ’38, she worked at a stockbroker’s office in London until she could emigrate. Her sister-in-law, Miss Rothschild, worked at the information desk of the Council of Jewish Women in the AFSC Building. Ellen arrived in the US in January 30, 1939 and stayed in NY for 8 months. In September of 1940, she entered college in Berea College in Kentucky with a scholarship. She graduated from Berea in 1943. By 1945, she was married and her last name became Edelston. She died on May 11, 1978 and is buried in the Woodlawn Quaker Burial Grounds in Mount Vernon, Virginia. 
A picture from Ellen's AFSC file

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  1. A nephew of Ellen Scheiberg, John P Shyburgh, lives in Henrico, Virginia. Her Brother John A Shyburgh died as a retired Commerce Department official in 1990, her sister-in-law Else Ida Shyburgh died in 1995 in Henrico, Virginia


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