Tuesday, July 28, 2020

May 29, 1944: Immigration Journey Continued

Letter from A.W. Klieforth, American Consul in Canada (Manitoba), to Opa, May 29, 1944.


The Foreign Service 
of the
United States of America

American Consulate General
Winnipeg, Manitoba,
May 29, 1944.

Mr. Thomas W. Doeppner,
1011 Moro Street, 
Manhattan, Kansas.


The Consulate General has received your letter of May 24, 1944, stating that you have filed application for pre-examinaton with the Immigration and Naturalization Service at Philadelphia and requesting to be advised of the necessary documents in order to make formal application for an immigration visa.

There is enclosed an information sheet listing the documentary requirements for an immigration visa and a questionnaire which should be completed and returned to this office.

While no assurance can be given that a visa will be issued prior to the applicant's personal appearance at the Consulate General, documentary evidence may be sent by mail for preliminary examination and you will be informed if they are sufficient and satisfactorily. 

Very truly yours,

A.W. Klieforth
American Consul General

Information sheet,
Visa questionnaire.

Here we go, another attempt towards becoming an American citizen, a journey Opa has been on since he arrived in 1939. He was shuffled between temporary visas, with large gaps in between when he had no legal status at all.

This time is similar to times in the past when he applied for pre-examination at the American Consul in Canada. The plan would be for him to cross the border, apply and receive the visa and then enter the United States on a regular immigration visa, the first step on a long journey towards naturalization.

Will it happen this time?

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