Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Spotlight: Kristallnacht

Although many of our spotlights are about people, some spotlights will be focused around important places or events that will help round out the story as you journey through the blog. 

As Opa escaped, he was concentrating on getting out of Germany and was fortunate enough to get to Holland. Little did he know that the November after his escape from Germany, one incident would put the issues happening in Germany on the international landscape. What has become known as "The Night of Broken Glass" or "Kristallnacht" will have a large effect on the response of the world and for Opa. The climate changed on both ends of the equation...other nations were made more aware of the persecution of the Jewish community and Germany became more restrictive and pro-active in moving their agenda forward. Time was of the essence as far as securing a place outside of Germany and its neighboring countries. 

Instead of writing an explanation of Kristallnacht, the Holocaust Museum has a helpful article not only about the incident, but what circumstances led to the pogrom.  


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